Customers say...

  • What a fantastic service!! Never again will I hire a trailer and waste my time taking it to the dump. Super friendly and professional team. Can’t reccomend highly enough. - Karla Johansson
  • Absolutely fantastic service, even cleaned up / hosed down after taking the rubbish away. Better service than I expected - will definitely be using these guys again. - Yvette Stuart
  • We had the Skippy with two guys loading service - it was fantastic! We had everything all ready to go and stacked up and the guys just swooped in and cleared it all out in 5 minutes! - Ann Cowsill
  • Highly recommended service! The staff were flexible with requests, prompt and helpful. The bin was easy to load, squeaky clean and looks way better than the ugly, unkempt waste bins you usually get. - Karlos Wright
  • How much can I get in a Skippy?

    Our Skippys hold 3 cubic metres, which is about 21 wheelie bins or just over 3 trailer loads.

  • Got stuff you need to get rid of?

    Get it gone. Get a Skippy.

  • We’re not tardy

    Choose a time that suits you. We’ll confirm our arrival and pick up; you don’t even need to be home.

  • Quick turnaround

    A 30 min or 24-hour turn-around means unwanted rubbish is gone super-fast; it’s not hanging around, clogging up your driveway or berm.

  • Professional service

    The exception in an industry that matches its name. We’re clean, punctual and with our Full Service option, we’ll even lift heavy things and clean up after ourselves.

  • Get into tricky spots

    Our Skippys are on wheels and only 2.1m wide. So we can wheel them into tricky spots or drop them down precarious driveways.

  • Mixed rubbish

    Unlike other bins, you can mix garden and household rubbish. Which means you can kill two jobs with one Skippy.

Odd job?

Commercial or residential, we can get it gone. If your job’s a bit odd or out of the way, contact us on 0800-SKIPPY for a quote

Frequently asked questions

What waste can go into the Skippy bin?
You can put both garden and general rubbish in the Skippy. With our standard $199 services, we can’t take anything hazardous (asbestos, polystyrene, batteries and the like) but we are able to provide a separate quote to safely remove and dispose of such items. For more information, please contact us or read our Terms and Conditions.
Can I mix general and garden waste?
Yes, no problem.
What if I have special requirements, such as a commercial job?
If you need something outside our standard service (such as multiple sites, large quantities of rubbish, long-term hire, hazardous waste, commercial jobs), please contact us for a customized quote.
Where can I get a Skippy bin?
Our Skippy skip bins are available Auckland-wide by going to our website or calling us on 0800-SKIPPY.
With the Full Service option, where do I put the rubbish and how long will you stay to load it?
If you’re not going to be home, just put your rubbish in a pile. Otherwise, you can show us what you want to get rid of around your property. Two guys will be there for 30 minutes to load it all into the Skippy. They’ll even clean up after themselves as long as time allows. If you require more than 30 minutes, additional charges may apply.
How much rubbish can I put into the Skippy bin?
The price allows for rubbish up to 300kgs in weight. If you exceed 300kgs, you will be charged $30 per 100kgs or part thereof.
What happens if my rubbish doesn’t fit inside the Skippy?
We’ll give you a call to see what you’d like us to do.
What happens if my Skippy is overweight?
If you exceed 300kgs, you will be charged $30 per 100kgs or part thereof.
How long can I hire a Skippy bin for?
For the 24 Hour Delivered service, the minimum hire period is one day/24 hours (this is included in the $199 price). From there, you can add as many extra days as you like for $45 per day.
Do I need to be home?
No. Just tell us where the rubbish is or where you want the Skippy parked and we’ll take care of it for you.
What happens if I need more time with the Skippy bin after I’ve received it?
Firstly, give us a call and let us know you need more time. Depending on how much time you need, there may be an extra charge.